The Blond Mangalitsa, Red Mangalitsa and Swallowbellied Mangalitsa are the three recognized breeds of Mangalitsa pigs in the present days. They are among the last surviving of the European country pigs and indigenous breeds of Central Europe.

The blond Mangalitza

The Blond Mangalitsa is the most widespread type of Mangalitsa pigs. It is the original one.

The coat of the Blond Mangalitza ranging from red to yellow and yellowish gray in all its variations, the yellowish red depends on the attitude and the ground conditions. It is dense and long, curled in winter, softer, shorter and straighter in the summer. The crimp is a breed trait,  the strength of the curl of the coat and the straight coarse bristles on the back or on the sides are not welcome. The excessive fine woolly coat is not as desirable. The seasonal change of coat of Mangalitzas is very typical and noteworthy to thick, curly hair in wintertime.

The red Mangalitza

The Red Mangalitsa descendant from a cross of the old Hungarian Szalontai pig with blond Mangalitzas. The preservation of traditional farming is located in the eastern regions of the Great Level, near Transylvania.

The coat of the Red Mangalitsa is darker, with a slight reddish brown tint. The height and weight surpasses the other Mangalitsa breeds. Consequently it has a higher growth rate and fertility. The skin of the Red Mangalitsa is pigmented gray, black, body orifices, snout, teats and hooves are as black. The pigmented, dark skin is more visible through the thin skin, so the color of the animals seem darker, brownish gray in summer.

The swallowbellied Mangalitza

The swallowbellied Mangalitsa was developed in southern Hungary by crossing the blond Mangalitza with the Croatian Syrmia pig.

The drawing of the swallowbellied Mangalitzas has on the back and the flanks  a black coat. The mouth, the lower neck area and the lower half of the body are yellowish white to silver-gray. The skin is soft, thin and always gray pigmented black, the body orifices, the mouth, the snout is black and the teats and claws also have black color. They are smaller than the blondes and red Mangalitzas, although less sensitive than the other two races of the Mangalitsa pigs.

Early Mangalitza breeds and crossbreds

The wild-colored or brown Mangalitsa (Baris) is one of the original breeds of Mangalitzas. In the literature, some studies are mentioned also by blacks or white Mangalitsa pigs. Also could have led to erroneous translations misunderstood breed name. In addition to the recognized breeds exist "Ordas" - a crossing of blond and swallowbellied Mangalitza.