Breed standards

The Mangalitsa pig is a lard typ pig of medium height. The skeleton is fine but very strong. The withers of the adult pig averages from 70 to 90 cm, the length measured from the snout to the tail, 120 to 140 cm. The weight of the Mangalitsa pig is in the lean condition at the age of one year, 70-80 kg, at the age of 2 years, 80-100 kg,  it is at an advanced age 200-300 kg.

The head of the Mangalitsa pigs is relatively short to medium length and wide, the bridge of his nose pressed a little, the nose is cylindrical, the trunk slightly upwards standing, face and jaws are fleshy and hairy little, the lower jaw is broad and fleshy, the ears are medium to large in more rounded and droopy, the neck and the neck tend to be short, fleshy and provided with a large jowl. The withers does not rise above the back and is broad, with the back is hardly bent, quite long and wide; the rump and round in every direction pretty extensive.

The seasonal change of coat of Mangalitzas is very typical and noteworthy to thick, curly hair winter. Professionally maintained and fed animals throw off their thick coats in the spring, the summer coat is short, interspersed on slippery surfaces. The pigmented, dark skin is more visible through the thin skin, so the color of the animals seem darker, brownish gray in summer. In poor feeding or mishaps, the shedding lasts longer, these animals with thick, curly coat can also find in the summer in the herd.

The skin of the Mangalitzas pigmented greyish-black, the orifices of the body, the mouth, the snout and the teats, the jaws are also colored black. The "Wellmann spot", a bright spot (3-5 cm diameter) with a gradual transition to the pigmented skin, is a Mangalitsa breed characteristic, are at the base of the ear to notice.The ears of medium size and drooping forward. The eyes are brown with black eyebrows and eyelashes. The tail is typically thick with white tail tuft. The tail is always black interior.

The minimum number of the teats is five on each side. The back is straight, or slightly curved, the groin (ham) is short or medium length.


Unwanted defects of breeding
- Pale or pink skin of the abdomen
- Few pigmented body orifices
- Black bristles or hair tips
- Scattered on the ears brown or black hair
- Too fine or too coarse hair
- Too small to large upright or hanging ears


Unwanted breeding characteristics
- Clear white patches of skin
- Light or dark spots on the hair
- Yellow or yellow-striped claws
- Pink teats
- Completely red or white tail tuft
- Light brown eyes