Prosciutto/Ham-Tour 2012

30th of may - 3rd of june, 2012

From Wischathal, Austria to Grotte di Castro, Italy.

San Daniele, Sauris, Parma - the heads of prosciutto productions in italy.

Prosciutto/Ham-Tour 2012 was organized by MI-Mangalitza International in cooperation with IGWÖ-Austrian Mangalitza Pig Breeding Association


12 people from all over the world participated on our annual MI-Mangalitza International tour through the famous prosciutto regions: Sauris, San Daniele and Parma.

  • Mangalitza breeding farm in Patergassen: Fam. Buchholzer
  • Prosciuttoficii in San Daniele del Friuli: Coradazzi, Bagatto
  • Prosciuttoficii in Sauris: Wolf Sauris
  • Prosecco Azienda in Conegliano region: Il Colle
  • Prosciuttoficii in Parma region: Ruliano, Antica Ardenga
  • Organic Farm in Grotte di Castro: Villa Caviciana
  • Rome sightseeing

During very informative guided tours in prosciuttoficii Coradazzi, Bagatto, Wolf Sauris, Ruliano and Antica Ardenga, everybody got a lot of new ideas and new enthusiasm for his  production at home. It came out, every prosciuttofio has his own philosophie, his own temperature and his own huminity. It doesnt matter at the end.

BUT: nothing compares to Mangalitza, as we figured out at Villa Caviciana in Grotte di Castro. Amazing Culatello, coppa and prosciutto made from mangalitza. Villa Caviciana produces olive-oil, wine, salumi in organic quality. Thanks to Mr. Metzeler for the beautiful evening at Lake Bolsena and for the guided tour with Mr. Frommann.


We visited also „Il Colle“ a producer of prosecco in the region of conegliano / Valdobiaddene and one day we spent in rome for sightseeing. An amazing city.


Next year for sure, we will do a „Serranno-Tour“ – on the tracks of pata negra.