Mangalitza Culinary and Breeding Tour in the UK and

1st General Meeting of the MI - Mangalitza International

24th - 26th of June, 2011

Visit of Breeders :

Brian Codling - Rectory Research, John Osborne - Porkers done Proper and Cheralynn Pieters - Quarryhead Fine Meats

Visit of Glennvidich Distillery and Farm of Scottish Highland Cattles

The tour was organized by the MI-Mangalitza International Association. It started in London, continued to Rectory Research, Brain and Silvia Codling. They are breeding blond mangalitza pigs and produce typical english food with them.  

Next stop was at John & Charlotte Osborne farm. John imported some piglets from austria in april 2011. They produce typical mangalitza style chorizos, ham - serranno style, etc. Their pigs are located on different areas, part of the forest and part of the meadow.

On the second day we flew to Aberdeen to visit Cheralynn & Andrew Pieters, quarry head fine meats. But before we visit their farm we got a tour and tasting through famous glenviddich distillery and afterwards we got a lot of information and barbecue at a scottish highland cattle breeder.

Unfortunatly on the last day of our visit which was also the "open day" at Cheralynns farm, we had a typical scottish weather. Rain and cold. Cheralynn showed us around and Andrew made a mangalitza barbecue with varios kind of meals. The special thing was, we had south african meals or products, like broeswurs, made out of mangalitza meat, eaten in scottland. This was a new experience.

Everybody got a good view about the mangalitza situation in the UK and scottland and the way people produce and market. And the whiskey at glenviddich was delicious as well.